Exhibitor Policy

1) Exhibitor agrees to truthfully represent their merchandise to the buyers and conduct business with the highest of ethical standards.
2) Booth rental cancellations must be called-in by Monday, the week prior to the show (ten (10) day notice) to receive full credit. After this date, cancellation fees will be applied. Exhibitors holding permanent exhibit booths are allowed two (2) roll-overs per year, November thru October to maintain permanent space (Additional roll-overs must be pre-approved). NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS.
3) Exhibitors who are unable to arrive for their scheduled set - up time must notify us by 5:00 pm on that day or their booth will be subject to resale.
4) Reselling (subletting) your assigned booth space is not permitted.
5) Breakdown of booth is not permitted until 4:00 pm on Sunday, except for emergencies and exhibitors who are 75% sold out.
Everyone must be out of the building by 9:00 pm on Sunday. Outside exhibitors must be off the grounds by 9: 00 pm Sunday evening.
6) Reproductions. Exhibitors must have antique items. Amenity items such as reference books, new upholstery to cover old and others may be allowed upon approval. All items should be priced. Reproductions and new items must be marked “new”. New items are not allowed in the show unless they oblige our criteria for working artists. The area designated for new items is at the east end of the grass field at the Atlanta Expo South facility. Additionally, all items must be marked correctly. Please report any violations to the staff immediately.
7) Exhibitors should be in their exhibit space during the hours the show is open to the public.
8) All balances due must be paid in full, and you must have your original white dealer permit or “car pass” receipt, before entering show facility.
9) Dangerously hot exhibit lighting (such as halogen), heaters plus combustible or explosive materials (such as propane), items stacked high that could fall, or items displayed low that could cause tripping or extremely sharp items or anything that poses a danger to the public is not allowed inside the facility or on the grounds.
10) Exhibitors must keep all merchandise within the confines of their booth markings no matter how difficult the task. Aisle-ways should be clear at all times.
11) All fabric coverings, including table covers and back drops, must be flame retardant. You may be required to produce proof for fire officials. You must not block fire equipment, including fire extinguishers and pedestrian doors.
12) All walls and wall type back drops are limited to six (6) feet in height.
13) In the event of double bookings or any booking problems, the exhibitors agree to follow the resolution devised the Scott Antique Market staff.
14) While in Atlanta, exhibitors agree to abide by the laws of the city of Atlanta, Fulton County and the State of Georgia, and while in Columbus, by the laws of the city of Columbus, Franklin County and the State of Ohio, and to comply with the policies of the Scott Antique Market staff.
15) Exhibitors are required to immediately report any show problems or breach of security, including thefts, injury, and/or damage to individuals or merchandise to the show staff.
16) Exhibitors may not purchase precious gems or metals such as gold, silver or platinum from the public, without a license from the city.
17) NO MODERN GUNS, with exception of those manufactured before 1899. Triggers MUST be tied. NO AMMO ALLOWED.

18) Nails, screws, or tape may not be used on the walls or the floors. Extension cords or other low items that could trip the public are not allowed. Extension cords must be appropriate and meet fire codes.
19) Swearing, vulgarity and crass behavior is not tolerated. You may be asked to leave at the discretion of the Scott Antique Market staff.
20) Drive in Guidelines. Exhibitors are required to have all windows down and your radio off while maintaining a driving speed of TWO MPH or less while in the building. Your foot should be on the brake at all times. Absolutely no cell phone
usage while driving in the buildings. Speed limit is 2 mph in the building and 10
mph outside on the grounds. Both front windows must be down at all times.
No exceptions.
21) Exhibitor agrees to leave their booth free of trash or in trash bags at the end of the show. Otherwise you may be billed for extra clean up.
22) Exhibitors are strictly prohibited from bringing shoppers into the building(s) under the pretense of helping to unload or set up displays before the show is open to the public.
23) The Scott Antique Market staff uses the frequency 151.625 MHz (Motorola red dot) two way radio communication. We hold the FCC licence for this frequency. We do not allow this frequency to be used for any other business at our location. Exhibitors are only allowed to use this frequency for medical emergencies or brief communication with our staff.
24) No pets.
25) Alcohol nor illegal drugs are not permitted on the grounds at any time.
26) Exhibitors are responsible for loss and/or liabilities of their merchandise.
27) Exhibitors will indemnify and save harmless Don Scott, Show Promotions, inc., Georgia Show Promotions, inc., Scott Antique Markets against loss or damages of persons or properties.
28) We reserve the right to photograph any persons or property for any reasons whatsoever deemed necessary by the Scott Antique Market staff.
29) Atlanta North and South exhibitors shall park in the gravel lot Friday, Saturday & Sunday, except for the handicapped and outside exhibitors.
30) Containers cannot be on the grounds prior to the Tuesday before the show and must be removed before 4:00 pm the Tuesday following the show.
31) This show is by invitation. Exhibitor agrees to leave and not return upon request of the Scott Antique Market management.
32) Exhibitors under 18 years of age must have the signature of a parent or legal guardian to exhibit merchandise.
33) Load-Out and Cleanup. Dealers are not allowed to leave before closing of the show Sunday, except when 75% sold out or for emergencies. Please inform the registration desk if you leave. There must be no carts or dollies in the aisles before 4:00 p.m. except for “SOLD” items. Breakdown is not permitted before 4:00 p.m. Sunday. Please help the load-out by stacking your tables against the columns and cleaning up your booth. All merchandise and exhibitors must be out of the building and off the grounds by 9:00 pm Sunday. Outside exhibitors must be off the grounds by 9:00 p.m. Sunday.
34) Porters work for exhibitors as independent contractors for a pre-agreed amount. Fair pay should be approximately $15.00 per hour. Should you have any problems with porters wanting more please take the information to the front desk.
35) Luxury shuttle buses are operating between the facilities all weekend. The hours are Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; the bus runs approximately every 15 minutes.
36) Accepting Checks. Be sure to match the signature on the license with the signature on the check. The photo on the driver’s license must be the same as the individual. In addition, another form of identification must be presented as well. For large sales, keep their license plate, driver’s license, and S.S. numbers. Call the bank and check on the funds.
37) Sales Tax Information. Dealers are required to collect 8% Georgia sales tax on all retail sales. You must keep records of all items sold as retail. If you are re-selling in a shop in Georgia, a vendors exemption registration form must be presented at time of sale, with vendors exemption number.
38) Booth payment by check. If your check has your business name, please include your name as well. This will prevent mix-ups. Exhibitors who wish to have booth confirmations via e-mail please include your e-mail address on your permit. This includes all shows.
39) All exhibitors are requested to join in the spirit of caring and kindness already displayed by nearly everyone.

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